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Article Date: 12th October 2016

AET Flexible Space - Under Floor Air Conditioning Upsurge in Latvia

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AET Flexible Space UFAC Latvia

AET Flexible Space; in conjunction with their distribution partner in Latvia, Hitex, are delighted to have received orders to supply their under floor air conditioning systems to several major refurbishment projects in Riga. AET Flexible Space has previously achieved success in Latvia at the Nordea Bank Headquarters in Riga, a building awarded with "Most Energy Efficient Building" and "Most Sustainable Building" in Latvia 2011.

The AET Flexible Space system utilises the plenum as the ventilation duct, eliminating the need for ceiling based duct work, making it easy and economical to adapt to changes in the workplace. Conditioned air is introduced into the space via floor recessed fan terminal units; or Fantiles, which are easily relocated within a 600mm raised floor and also feature integrated controllers, allowing users to personally adjust temperature and fan speed settings.

The concept has been fully adopted by leading developers in Latvia seeking a comfort cooling solution that can be easily adopted into older building stock, adapt to future changes in office configuration as well as cater to extreme climate fluctuations experienced in Riga. Over the course of 2016, AET and Hitex have been working to fulfil three orders to major re-developments in Riga; the Triangula Bastions Business Centre, the Mukusalas Business Centre and the Mikrotik company’s restoration of the historic VEF production hall.

AET Flexible Space UFAC LatviaThe area and surrounds of Triangula Bastion are part of Riga’s 17th -19th century fortified wall system and the now glass fronted building has retained a part of the original wall from the historical fortification, with panoramic views over the Daugava River and Riga. The glass fronted building has 4500 m² usable office space over four storeys and was last refurbished to Cat-B standard in 2003.

Mukusalas Business Centre has eight office buildings on the former site of a 19th century steel foundry; which subsequently became the production site for Carl Zeiss optical equipment in 1912, replaced later by Riga Radio Factory. Mukusalas plans to further develop the area are committed to preserving historical features whilst continuing the tradition of innovation by offering modern workspace for leading companies. AET Flexible Space envisages that their concept of flexible, underfloor air conditioning systems will fit with the Mukusalas development plans and hope for further orders after successful completion of this initial project.

AET Flexible Space UFAC LatviaCurrently undergoing full restoration is the historic VEF production hall in Riga; constructed in the late 1800’s and housing a number of electromechanical companies, until VEF, or the State Electrotechnical Factory took over the site in 1928. VEF maintained their position as the largest electrical manufacturing company in Latvia until the Second World War. In 1989, the two buildings on the 13,000 m² site were destroyed by fire and were left disused until now. Restoration of the building envelope has already begun and constructors hope to complete the challenging project by summer 2017. The brief is to create modern hi-tech workspace whilst preserving historical features and the visual image of the original construction.

All the above projects are currently underway, or on order and are due to be completed over the course of 2017. AET Flexible Space is delighted with this upturn in European business and hopes that Under Floor Air Conditioning will become standard in Latvia as well as neighbouring Baltic regions.

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